Portuguese Journal of Social Science, Vol. 18
Number 1, March 2019


The Portuguese Journal of Social Science opens a gateway for the international community to engage with a high calibre of academic work in social sciences produced by Portuguese scholarship. Previous to the publication of this journal, this work remained largely inaccessible to an international readership due to issues with language and translation.




Volume 18, Number 1, March 2019



Descendants of immigrants in Portugal 
pp. 3-8(6) 
Author: Gaspar, Sofia




The effect of the ethnic composition of schools on primary school maths results of pupils of immigrant origin 
pp. 9-26(18) 
Authors: Seabra, Teresa; Carvalho, Helena; Ávila, Patrícia


The (mis)education of African descendants in Portugal: Towards vocational traps? 
pp. 27-55(29) 
Authors: Abrantes, Pedro; Roldão, Cristina

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