Pre and Post Arrival Scheme to Support the Management and the integration of people who require international protection
15 novembro 2018 | 13h | Webinar


On November 15, between 13h and 14h30, a webinar will be held on the local action plans and the good practices of integration identified by the 5 European countries involved in the PandPAS Project.


The webinar is aimed at technicians, researchers, students, and all those interested in the integration of migrants and refugees.

PandPAS is a project funded by the European Union and Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) to facilitate inclusion and prevent xenophobia and radicalization.






First part

Introduction : Alessandro Carbone

The migratory phenomenon today: the point of view of the European Parliament


Second Part


Local Action Plans shown by the 6 project partners

The best reception experience gathered and presented by the Social Research Center of the University in Lisbon


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