The ict professionals: education, technology and informational development (2005-2009)

The economic value of the portuguese language (2008-2009)

The eastern portuguese language and culture: macao´s case study (2005-2009)

Sociological profile of the portuguese journalist (2005-2009)

Science activities in the summer 2009: sociological analysis (2009-2009)

Quality of life in a changing europe (2006-2009)

Poverty, social classes and ways of life: portugal in the european context (2005-2009)

Organizational change and employment relations in the portuguese public administration: the role of unions and workers (2005-2009)

Medications and therapeutic pluralism: social consumptions, logic(s) and rationalities (2007-2009)

Inquérito nacional à vitimação (2008-2009)

Incluir famílias em risco (2009-2009)

Ethnicity, school trajectories and professional expectations: young descendants of immigrants at the end of compulsory schooling (2005-2009)

Democratic participation and deliberation: institutional socio-political intermediaries (parties and associations), ideological changes and political behaviour (2005-2009)

Crime repression costs in context (2007-2009)

Crianças e jovens em risco de exclusão social no bairro de casal da boba (amadora) - projecto de avaliação de acompanhamento (2005-2009)

Content analysis of surveys’ publication in the media (2008-2009)

Content analysis of news in the portuguese radio (2008-2009)

Conciliação trabalho-família e igualdade de género: políticas e práticas organizacionais: a igualdade de género nas organizações: estudos de avaliação (2009-2009)

Complementary activities in primary schools: case-studies of innovation and good practices (2009-2009)

Biodiversity in style (2009-2009)

Avaliação externa da rede social da amadora (2008-2009)

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