Wage gap in the 'frequesias´ of lisbon (2003-2009) (2011-2012)

The integration of phd researchers into research units: hosting conditions, forms of integration, expectations for the future (2009-2012)

Study on project of “living science” school (2011-2012)

Sociedades científicas na ciência contemporânea (2010-2012)

Social entrepreneurship in portugal: policies, organizations and education/trainning (2010-2012)

Re-thinking labour market policies in southern europe by bringing in the labour market actors (2011-2012)

Programme for the international assessment of adult competencies (piaac) - portugal (2008-2012)

Pisa 2000-2009 – perfis e tendências (2011-2012)

Old age and ways of life (2011-2012)

Mp3 - medir percursos de 3 gerações (2011-2012)

Learn-tech, learning with information and communication technologies (2010-2012)

Evasão fiscal, evitamento fiscal e cumprimento fiscal: factores individuais, económicos e sociais (2010-2012)

Convivial cultures and super-diversity (2010-2012)

Computer-mediated hospitality networks in siberia: investigating reciprocity, trust and social connectivity along the transsiberian and beyond (2010-2012)

Com os pés em três cidades: maputo, lisboa, londres. itinerários residenciais e mobilidade inter-urbana na diáspora hindu-gujarati (2009-2012)

Belongings and interactions: negotiating a portuguese-speaking community in boston (2011-2012)

Avaliação de descentralização de competências de educação para os municípios (2011-2012)

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