Work on screen: a study of social memories and identities through cinema (2013-2015)

Ways of local sustainability: mobility, social capital and inequality (2013-2015)

The principle of «appropriation» in development policies in the context of african countries with portuguese as an official language (palop) (2010-2015)

The primary health care as strategy for (re) configuration of sus: the users' perspective (2013-2015)

The portuguese international partnership programs: assessing the role of scientifics networks in the knowledge society (2012-2015)

The eu electoral democracy at a crossroads: applying the second order election model in greece, portugal and germany in times of economic crisis (2013-2015)

Texto, gramática e ensino do português (2014-2015)

Sustainable workforce (2015-2015)

Sistemas políticos e elites nas transições (2008-2015)

Public preferences and policy decision-making. a longitudinal and comparative analysis (2013-2015)

Portuguese emigrant entrepreneurship in andorra, london, nice and monaco (2012-2015)

O trabalho da arte e a arte do trabalho: circuitos criativos de formação e integração laboral de imigrantes em portugal (2014-2015)

O sistema de saúde português no contexto da troika - a experiência dos médicos (2014-2015)

O processo institucional de definição das directrizes de aconselhamento em saúde materna e infantil em portugal – que papel para o princípio da precaução? (2013-2015)

National museums visitors survey - design and field work (2013-2015)

Myplace: memory, youth, political legacy and civic engagement (2011-2015)

Luso-descendant ‘returnees’ in portugal: identity, belonging and transnationalism (2013-2015)

Looking in to the future: effects of the crisis on the reconfiguration of income and consumption of middle class families in portugal (2012-2015)

Key factors for success and continuity of schooling paths of gypsies: individuals, families and public policy (2013-2015)

Intelligent mining of public social networks’ influence in society (2013-2015)

Hindus em lisboa. mobilidade sócio-profissional formal e informal em contexto urbano (2012-2015)

Health literacy survey in portugal (2013-2015)

From the virtual world to the real world: cyber-conjugalities in 21st century portugal (2010-2015)

Evolution and patterns of divorces in binational couples in portugal (1988-2013) (2014-2015)

European prison observatory, detention conditions in the european union (2013-2015)

Elections, leadership and accountability: political representation in portugal, a longitudinal and comparative perspective (2012-2015)

Educational challenges in southern europe. equity and efficiency in a time of crisis (2013-2015)

Developing education modules for mauritanian youth (2015-2015)

Citizen participation in health governance in portugal: practice-based recommendations for policy and action (2012-2015)

Carta educativa para o concelho de vila franca de xira (2014-2015)

Caminhos escolares de jovens africanos (palop) que acedem ao ensino superior (2014-2015)

Back to the future: new emigration and links to the portuguese society (2013-2015)

Analytical database treatment of artistic structures supported by dgartes (2013-2015)

Academic and professional trajectories of doctorates: deepening our knowledge on the role of mobility (2013-2015)

40 anos de politicas de ciência e ensino superior em portugal (2015-2015)

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