Understanding the practice and developing the concept of welfare bricolage (2016-2017)

Trafficking of women for sexual exploitation in portugal. a qualitative study of trafficked women, trafficking experiences and measures of assistance (2014-2017)

The right-wing voter in southern europe:tracing the variable impact of interests, values, and identity (2011-2017)

The difference that school can make: school success in the municipality of almada (4th and 6th year) (2017-2017)

The career of teachers (2017-2017)

Survey on working conditions of journalists in portugal (2016-2017)

Survey on the artistic entities about the public funding model in portugal (2017-2017)

Socioeconomic survey of higher education students in portugal in 2017 (2017-2017)

Social integration of chinese descendant immigrants in portugal (2014-2017)

Social inequalities: portugal and europe (2017-2017)

Public engagement in reproductive technologies: citizen-centred care, research and innovation (2016-2017)

Profissionalização 360º (2016-2017)

Patterns of resilience during socioeconomic crises among households in europe (2014-2017)

Os advogados de negócios e as grandes sociedades: práticas, identidades e culturas. (2014-2017)

Observatório português de boas práticas laborais (2009-2017)

Novos tons de cidadania. participação sociocultural dos jovens nos subúrbios de lisboa (2014-2017)

New psychoactive substances: transnational project on different user groups, user characteristics, extent and patterns of use, market dynamics, and best practices in prevention (2015-2017)

Municipal educational project of odivelas (2017-2017)

Managerialism implications on frontline social work practices (2016-2017)

Local government in portugal: political representation, leadership and the new elected mayors (2014-2017)

Impactos da redução do número de alunos/turma (2016-2017)

How global the ifsw global standards are? exploring the penetration of social work referential guidelines into professional field (2016-2017)

Estratégias organizacionais de ajustamento à crise económica. análise comparativa de práticas de gestão de recursos humanos. (2014-2017)

Design and implementation of the participative budget (op) of the municipality of manteigas (2015-2017)

Contratação de perito – rede eurydice (2017-2017)

Comparative study of european and australian attitudes towards future and climate change. the case of lisbon and adelaide cities. (2015-2017)

Artistic intervention projects and learning: between school and community (2012-2017)

Agenda setting in portugal from a comparative perspective: the legislation, party promises, public opinion and the media (2017-2017)

Adequacy of training in social work to professional practice (2015-2017)

A praxe como fenómeno social (2016-2017)

A nova era das desigualdades escolares: a educação em análise pelos seus actores centrais (2011-2017)

A maternidade naturalizada como nova conceção de cidadania: adesão e controvérsia em portugal e espanha (2014-2017)

A cidade inflamável: segurança urbana entre o público e o privado, lisboa c.1850-1930s (2015-2017)

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