Urban ethnographers. professional portraits, ethnographic archives and fieldwork revisitation (2016-2018)

Understanding the practice and developing the concept of welfare bricolage (2016-2018)

Transnational agents in urban heritagization processes: the case of the erasmus programme in lisbon (2013-2018)

Towards new patterns of governance arrangements in healthcare? taking portugal as a case study on state, medicine and market (2013-2018)

The role of immigrant associations in the integration process. comparing pos and political cultures in the cities of seville and lisbon (2013-2018)

The paradox of health care futures (2014-2018)

The internationalisation of the elite education in portugal. a qualitative study on international schools in greater lisbon (2016-2018)

The integration of the 'returnees' in portugal (1975-1990) in a comparative perspective with the french case of the pieds-noirs (2016-2018)

The discreet charm of the direct democracy: southern europe and the representation crisis (2015-2018)

Teip 3, ministerial programme to support priority educational territories (2015-2018)

Technological arrangements for managing care at an accident and emergency care hospital (2016-2018)

Study on the employability of camões ip students in african countries (2017-2018)

Social work model(s) and practices in child protection: proposals for an integrated social answer (2017-2018)

Social inequalities, collective actors and cultural identities: associative practices in local context (2012-2018)

Social accomplices of corruptions: understanding social tolerance to corruption in iberoamerican states (2015-2018)

Scientific mobility to and from portugal: production and circulation of knowledge in highly-skilled immigration (2013-2018)

Reading practices and modes of appropriation in the digital age (2013-2018)

Questionnaire survey - fccn (2017-2018)

Portuguese security forces. enlisted agents in 2003/04 - a decade later (2016-2018)

Portuguese emigration to the united kingdom: analysis of indicators and pathways (2012-2018)

Political institutions, attitudes and behavior: brazil and portugal in comparative perspective (2016-2018)

Opening futures: young people’s vulnerabilities and social cohesion policies (2014-2018)

New modes of political participation: protests and institutional participation in brazil and portugal in a comparative perspective (2016-2018)

National museums visitors survey: edition of results (2017-2018)

Multilevel governance of cultural diversity in a comparative perspective: eu-latin america (2014-2018)

Mobility and language: the motivations and sociological profiles of young people seeking certification in portuguese in the world (2017-2018)

Living in times of crisis: events, causes and effects of biographical crises (2015-2018)

Learning to innovate with families (2018-2018)

Land, power and territoriality in the portuguese america (16th-19th centuries) (2014-2018)

La deuda exterior como mecanismo de transformación política, social y cultural: el mundo ibérico y el mediterráneo oriental, 1814-1914 (2016-2018)

International student mobility: a geodemographic perspective (2015-2018)

Interculturalism - the third term of migrants incorporation (2013-2018)

Innovation and future: contributions to the design of the tourism offer in the lisbon metropolitan area (2017-2018)

Information visualization research (2017-2018)

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Grounded cultural policies: three case studies on community arts projects (2014-2018)

Family portraits of contemporary portugal: generations, life courses and social mobility (2012-2018)

European researchers' night (2016-2018)

Eu post lab: developing experiences of administrative cooperation and enhanced access to information in the framework of the posting of workers (2016-2018)

Dialogues of scientists and citizens (2015-2018)

Couple dynamics in intercultural european marriage (2014-2018)

Changing cities: participation processes in portugal and brazil (2016-2018)

Chance to change (2018-2018)

Carnism in portuguese media culture (2014-2018)

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Bilingual editions of the new atlas of portuguese language (2017-2018)

Adult life long learning in social work – a european network for social work as adult education and blended learning (2017-2018)

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