World news publishers anual outlook (2017-2019)

Women and citizenship: ludic-educational technology in coping with violence against women (step 2 - violet lives game) (2017-2019)

The welfare state and the evolution of public employment policies in portugal - the last 20 years (2018-2019)

The schooling of chinese children in portugal (2019-2019)

The dynamics of new cleavage formation in european democracies after the great recession (2018-2019)

Surfacing: narratives of overcoming biographical crises in self-help literature (2018-2019)

Support for and opposition to immigration in portugal in a comparative perspective (2016-2019)

Scientific collections at the crossroads between science and society: innovation in citizen science (2015-2019)

Science in the city (2018-2019)

Revision of the educational charter of the municipality of lisbon (2017-2019)

Refugium: building shelter cities and a new welcoming culture. links between european universities and schools in human rights (2016-2019)

Proposta de requalificação de atendimento social (2019-2019)

Pre and post – arrival schemes to facilitate inclusion and prevent xenophobia and radicalization (2017-2019)

Our music, our world: musical associations, wind bands, and local communities (1880-2018) (2016-2019)

New dynamics in skilled migration: nurses and recruitment processes in the european peripheries in the 21st century (2018-2019)

National museums visitors survey: edition of results (second phase) (2018-2019)

Mobility, labour integration and social differentiation in the transition to adulthood: patterns and dispositions (2016-2019)

Mobilisation of resources for public engagement with science and technology (2016-2019)

Migration and ethnic relations in urban contexts (2018-2019)

Local plan for the integration of ciganos in the city of porto (2019-2019)

Learning to be a global citizen? theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches (2018-2019)

Internationalization and development of the area of public education policies (2016-2019)

Inter-sectoral health environment research for innovations (2016-2019)

Immigration and trafficking for labor exploitation. nepalese in greenhouses in portugal (2017-2019)

Gender equality plan of the municipality of covilhã (2018-2019)

Experts - making sense of planning expertise: housing policy and the role of experts in the programa especial de realojamento (per) (2016-2019)

Evaluation and analysis of the parties’ expenditure during the political campaign for local elections in madeira and for portuguese legislative election (2019-2019)

European prison observatory. prison de-radicalization strategies, programmes and risk assessment tools in europe. (2017-2019)

European cohort development project (2018-2019)

Efeito-escola e efeito-turma nos resultados escolares (4º e 6º anos) (2016-2019)

Diversities, space and migrations in the entrepreneurial city (2017-2019)

Digital news report (2015-2019)

Crisis, political representation and democratic renewal: the portuguese case in the southern european context (2016-2019)

Contributions to the sociological analysis of health policies and systems: the intersection between epistemology, public policies, organizational and professional theories (2018-2019)

Contratação de perito – rede eurydice (2018-2019)

Circulation of science: mobility, precarity and economic growth in research and development (2018-2019)

Below 10 (2016-2019)

Avaliação do impacto dos contratos locais de desenvolvimento social (clds) (2017-2019)

A pan-european field experiment during the ep elections 2019 (2019-2019)

.linked lives puzzle: life trajectories in each other (2018-2019)