New Dynamics in Skilled Migration: Nurses and recruitment processes in the European peripheries in the 21st Century

Emigration to the UK of nurses from Portugal and other Eastern and Southern European countries began in 2008 to replace the older flows from India and the Philippines. The importance of this topic is due to the growing relevance, in the 21st century, of public policies for attracting qualified immigrants and recruitment processes from the destination, in general, and in the emigration of nurses from peripheral European countries (Portugal, Spain, Italy and Romania) to those from the centre and north (England and Germany), in particular. This emigration, although following the trends of recent emigration from these countries, is, however, distinguished by its intensity. The project will also analyse the impact of Brexit on this new migratory dynamic. In methodological terms, it will combine the analysis of international statistical data from the Emigration Observatory with those from intensive (ethnographic) and extensive (survey) research.

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