Mobility, labour integration and social differentiation in the transition to adulthood: patterns and dispositions

This research program aims to provide greater insight to the relationship between the transition to working life and mobility among young people. This relationship is central within a context that combines a weak labour market and the transnationalisation of the juvenile experiences, identities, and labour opportunities. There’s also an increased social visibility of youth mobility trajectories, a subject about which little is known. The research will identify the social and individual conditions of departure; and articulate it with the diversity of experiences of integration in the labour market, inside and outside Portugal. The goal is to map and clarify the interaction frames, motivations and senses that are at the basis of the enterprise or retraction of the mobility trajectories. We will address the conditions of facilitation or constraint of its emergence, through the observation of socially differentiated young people, carrying out a multidimensional investigation of causes and trajectories, to identify the dispositions and patterns of, and for, mobility.

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