Trovoada de ideias - linguistic and social inclusion of students from the palop in the portuguese higher education (2016-2020)

The european mediacoach initiative (2017-2020)

Philia+ (2017-2020)

Observatório das desigualdades (2008-2020)

New skills for the next generation of journalists (2017-2020)

Governments responsiveness in europe: consolidation, crisis and legislative behavior (2017-2020)

Changing degrees of europeanization? social movements in the public debate on the eu sovereign debt crisis in portugal (2015-2020)

Babies born better (2016-2020)

World news publishers anual outlook (2017-2019)

Women and citizenship: ludic-educational technology in coping with violence against women (step 2 - violet lives game) (2017-2019)

Towards new patterns of governance arrangements in healthcare? taking portugal as a case study on state, medicine and market (2013-2019)

The role of immigrant associations in the integration process. comparing pos and political cultures in the cities of seville and lisbon (2013-2019)

Support for and opposition to immigration in portugal in a comparative perspective (2016-2019)

Revisão da carta educativa do município de lisboa (2017-2019)

Refugium: building shelter cities and a new welcoming culture. links between european universities and schools in human rights (2016-2019)

Public engagement in reproductive technologies: citizen-centred care, research and innovation (2016-2019)

Práticas e modos de apropriação da leitura na era digital (2013-2019)

Pre and post – arrival schemes to facilitate inclusion and prevent xenophobia and radicalization (2017-2019)

Our music, our world: musical associations, wind bands, and local communities (1880-2018) (2016-2019)

O carnismo na cultura mediática portuguesa (2014-2019)

Mobility, labour integration and social differentiation in the transition to adulthood: patterns and dispositions (2016-2019)

Internationalization and development of the area of public education policies (2016-2019)

Interculturalism - the third term of migrants incorporation (2013-2019)

Immigration and trafficking for labor exploitation. nepalese in greenhouses in portugal (2017-2019)

Experts - making sense of planning expertise: housing policy and the role of experts in the programa especial de realojamento (per) (2016-2019)

European prison observatory. prison de-radicalization strategies, programmes and risk assessment tools in europe. (2017-2019)

Etnógrafos urbanos. retratos profissionais, arquivos etnográficos e revisitação de terrenos (2016-2019)

Diversities, space and migrations in the entrepreneurial city (2017-2019)

Diversidade de género, cidadania e saúde. identidades e expressões de género trans face aos novos enquadramentos médicos e legais (2016-2019)

Crisis, political representation and democratic renewal: the portuguese case in the southern european context (2016-2019)

Brasileiros na escola portuguesa: experiências e trajetos (2017-2019)

Below 10 (2016-2019)

Agentes transnacionais nos processos de patrimonialização da cidade: o caso do programa erasmus em lisboa. (2013-2019)