.linked lives puzzle: life trajectories in each other (2018-2024)

. (2018-2024)

Rebellion and resistance in the iberian empires, 16th-19th centuries (2018-2022)

New chinese - new chinese immigrant communities in portugal (2018-2022)

Young people and the arts of citizenship: activism, participatory, culture and creative practise. (2018-2021)

The employment crisis and the welfare state in portugal: deterring drivers of social vulnerability and inequality (2018-2021)

Social security rights and the crisis – social retrenchment as the normality of the financial state of exception (2018-2021)

Ressurgir: narrativas de superação de crises biográficas na literatura de autoajuda (2018-2021)

Organisational public engagement with science and technology (2018-2021)

Medicines and dietary supplements in performance consumptions: social practices, contexts and literacy (2018-2021)

Linked lives: a mixed multilevel longitudinal approach to family life course  (2018-2021)

Hopes - housing perspectives and struggles. futures of housing movements, policies and dynamics in lisbon and beyond (2018-2021)

Growing in urban education and diversity (2018-2021)

Fertility, migration and acculturation: intersectional approach to the sexual and reproductive experiences and expectations among cape verdean and portuguese families (2018-2021)

Experiences and expectations of return of new portuguese emigrants: reintegration and mobilities (2018-2021)

European social survey portugal (2016-2021)

Educational achievements among ciganos: research action and co-design project (2018-2021)

Biographical echoes: triangulation in the study of life histories (2018-2021)

Trovoada de ideias - linguistic and social inclusion of students from the palop in the portuguese higher education (2016-2020)

The european mediacoach initiative (2017-2020)

Tauromaquia, património cultural de portugal – orçamento participativo portugal 2017 (2018-2020)

Task - towards increased awareness, responsibility and shared quality in social work (2018-2020)

Promoting citizenship and sexual rights in immigrant populations in portugal: co-production of recommendations and best practices for the reduction of sexual and reproductive inequalities (2018-2020)

Philia+ (2017-2020)

Observatório das desigualdades (2008-2020)

New skills for the next generation of journalists (2017-2020)

Governments responsiveness in europe: consolidation, crisis and legislative behavior (2017-2020)

Elaboração de estudo do movimento associativo popular do concelho de loures (2018-2020)

Educação de adultos e aprendizagem ao longo da vida em portugal e na europa. tendências, práticas e perfis (2018-2020)

Changing degrees of europeanization? social movements in the public debate on the eu sovereign debt crisis in portugal (2015-2020)

Babies born better (2016-2020)

ISCTE FCT Portugal