Complementary and alternative medicine and conventional medicine: a sociological approach to boundaries, exchanges and confluences (2019-2025)

Circulation of science: mobility, precarity and economic growth (2019-2025)

Young lawyers on the move: institutions, education and profession in a global context. (2018-2024)

Urban governance of cultural diversity (2018-2024)

Urban ethnography and south asian migrations (2018-2024)

The dynamics of new cleavage formation in european democracies after the great recession (2018-2024)

The articulation of anti-trafficking regimes in mediterranean europe. actors, discourses and representations (2018-2024)

Sociology of the culture, arts and museums (2018-2024)

Social inequalities and classes in europe: objectives of the sustainable development (2018-2024)

Promoting quality of life in contemporary societies: work, skills and gender (2018-2024)

New chinese immigrant communities in portugal (2018-2024)

Multicultural families (2018-2024)

Migrações, linguagem e educação (2018-2024)

Mapping out-of-hospital births - a pan-european research project (2019-2024)

Local government in portugal: political and social responsibility over the sustainable development of unequal territories (2018-2024)

Liberal representative democracies and authoritarian regimes in southern europe (2018-2024)

Land, power and territoriality in the portuguese america (16th-19th centuries) (2018-2024)

Internationalization and student mobility to portugal (2018-2024)

Impact of extreme right parties on immigration politics and policy (2018-2024)

Food animals: representations, practices and attitudes (2018-2024)

Ethnography of student migration in portugal (2018-2024)

Childbirth activisms in europe: pathways, ways of action and achievements (2018-2024)

Art policies: new horizons of citizenship (2018-2024)

Amateur artistic practice in the community (2018-2024)

Young mediators for inclusion (2019-2022)

Training challenges of interprofessionality in social work (2019-2022)

Rebellion and resistance in the iberian empires, 16th-19th centuries (2018-2022)

Multi-sectoral approaches to innovative skills training for renewable energy and social acceptance (2018-2022)

Konta bu storia: patterns of linguistic acculturation among descendants of african immigrants in the vale da amoreira (2014-2022)

(in)equalities in the school paths of descendants of immigrants (2019-2022)

gender diversity, citizenship and health: trans gender identities and expressions of gender in relation to the new medical and legal frameworks (2016-2022)

Young people and the arts of citizenship: activism, participatory, culture and creative practise. (2018-2021)

The internationalisation of elite education in portugal. a qualitative study on international schools in greater lisbon – 2nd part: biographical trajectories of former international school students (2019-2021)

The impact of political leaders' attributes and campaign tone on voting behavior: a multimodal perspective (2018-2021)

The employment crisis and the welfare state in portugal: deterring drivers of social vulnerability and inequality (2018-2021)

Technological innovations in hospital care management: impacts of the national hospital care policy (pnhosp) on the micro-policy of a sus reference hospital in the municipality of são paulo (2019-2021)

Social security rights and the crisis – social retrenchment as the normality of the financial state of exception (2018-2021)

Percursos e perspectivas dos médicos de família investigadores: um estudo qualitativo e quantitativo para um retrato atual e uma visão estratégica (2019-2021)

Organisational public engagement with science and technology (2018-2021)

Meio no meio (2019-2021)

Medicines and dietary supplements in performance consumptions: social practices, contexts and literacy (2018-2021)

Linked lives: a mixed multilevel longitudinal approach to family life course  (2018-2021)

Hopes - housing perspectives and struggles. futures of housing movements, policies and dynamics in lisbon and beyond (2018-2021)

Growing in urban education and diversity (2018-2021)

Fertility, migration and acculturation: intersectional approach to the sexual and reproductive experiences and expectations among cape verdean and portuguese families (2018-2021)

Experiences and expectations of return of new portuguese emigrants: reintegration and mobilities (2018-2021)

European social survey portugal (2016-2021)

Educational achievements among ciganos: research action and co-design project (2018-2021)

Biographical echoes: triangulation in the study of life histories (2018-2021)

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