HEALTH CARE IN MOBILITY - Transnational health protection of Portuguese, Italian and Spanish people in Germany and in (post Brexit) UK

The contemporary economic crisis has produced an increasing unemployment in Portugal as well as in the other Southern European countries, displaying strong core-periphery dynamics within EU States. During the last year Portuguese youth experimented a growth an increasing work mobility toward the EU core countries, such as Germany, which returned to being one of the privileged destinations for Portuguese workers. Drawing from an multi-sited ethnographic methodology, the project seeks to analyse, firstly, the socio-economic profiles of these young people, their mobility projects and the socio-cultural insertion of the Portuguese young adults (18-34 age) who moved to Germany for work since 2008. Secondly, it will analyse the links between the old and new transnational migratory networks of the Portuguese diaspora in Germany. The analysis will reflect on the articulation between the condition of EU citizenship of the “mobile Portugueses” and their inclusion/exclusion both in origin in a context of crisis.

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