Varun Gupta

FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, Olten (Switzerland)


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Fostering Social Innovation through Entrepreneurship
Jorge Ferreira

Social sector of a nation could be improved by infusion of technologically advanced solutions which improves the transparency, efficiency, and accountability of social institutions towards the citizens. The entrepreneurs with new enterprises (or startups) solving the social issues (product or service with social impact), could help to bring social improvement as well as economic development of the nation. However, the unique challenges faced by any startups (especially funding related issues and lack of product/market fit) are too constrained in case of social startups, which mostly rely on federal government grants and donations. This is the main reason that why the number of social entrepreneurs is too limited which otherwise could result in radical innovation in the society through their products and services. To foster the success rates of social startups, this project tries to provide the rigorous research solutions to bridge the accessibility gaps with the citizens (users of product or service), help them to conduct their business operations in cost effective manner, replying on the free and open source software technologies (for example, Google Analytics) and bringing them closer to innovation ecosystem elements (especially academia). The idea is to take advantage of the globally dispersed knowledge and support of free technologies to provide products or services that matches the market needs.