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Manuel Garcia Ruiz
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Manuel Garcia-Ruiz is a Researcher in Sociology at the Center of Research and Studies in Sociology of the University Institute of Lisbon (CIES-Iscte) in Lisbon. He has been visiting professor at different universities, and he has been appointed as a scientific advisor for different departments, organizations and projects. His research has four (4) main topics: (i) Nightlife, festivals, and tourism (ii) city branding, culture-led regeneration strategies, artwashing and commodification of the arts, (iii) artistification, culture and artistic careers of emergent professionals, and (iv) methods and methodologies with special attention to research at night time. He is the author of several papers and chapters on the emergent field of Night Studies, and the editor of different publications on urban studies, night studies and cultural sociology. He is cfounder and coordinator of the International Night Studies Network (INSN), Coordinator of the Rede de Etnografia Urbana (Etno.Urb), and the Director of the Urban ... [ver mais]
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