Biographies and the Practice of Storytelling
14 setembro 2022 | 16h | Híbrido


John Goodwin | University of Leicester


Inês Pereira | CIES-Iscte


As biographical researchers, our core activity inevitably involves working with the life accounts that respondents provide. Often these accounts are offered in the form of stories and anecdotes. These stories have been crafted and honed over the person's life course. They are stories that have been amended, embellished, edited and refined. As biographical researchers, we then must analyse, curate, and present the stories, often making decisions about the narrative arc and what to include and exclude. Moreover, through this process and the act of sharing, the stories of the researcher and the research become intertwined. In this seminar, I aim to explore the intersections between biographical research, auto-ethnography, film, literature, and storytelling to think about our work as storytellers, as well as consider the value of stories to social sciences and the arts. In doing so, I will illustrate the talk with exemplars from my research, my auto-ethnography, and insights of writers from other traditions such as fiction. There will be an opportunity for attendees to share their ideas, approaches, and practices to storytelling.


→ Iscte - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, Ed. 2, Aud. C104

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