Contentious management of immigration in border zones
25 janeiro 2023 | Híbrido




Contentious management

of immigration in border zones



Francesca Fortarezza

Scuola Normale Superiore

Investigadora Visitante CIES-Iscte



"European borders have become crucial arenas for the elaboration and contestation of public policies. Specifically, border zones developed into spaces of experimentation and confrontation among different institutional and non-institutional actors involved in the management of immigration.


In my project I discuss the concept of “institutional crisis” – as opposed to the one of “refugee crisis” – in order to bring to the surface both the institutional violence perpetrated by states’ apparatuses against people on the move, and the growing intervention from solidarity groups in the provision of services and access to rights for migrants and asylum-seekers. In order to do so, I conducted a qualitative and interpretive research across the Balkan route and, particularly, at the Italian-Slovenian border. Through an embedded border ethnography, data were collected through participant observation and semi-structured interviews with both institutional and solidarity actors."




Sala AA2.26, Iscte - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa





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