Rendez Vous with America. The US electoral system
09 janeiro 2023 | Iscte

Presentation of the US electoral and party systems by Professor Patrick Siegler-Lathrop, based on his book "Rendez-Vous with America: an Explanation of the US Election System", covering such subjects as: the Structure of US Presidential Elections; the Electoral College; two Dominant Political Parties; Red States, Blue States, Swing States; Senate, House and State Elections; the Primary System; etc.


The second portion will be composed of two parts. Firstly, a commentary on the presentation by Professor José Gomes André, followed by the audience's participation section, mediated by Professor André Freire, focused on the current political situation in the USA: Polarization and Calcification.  





Patrick Siegler-Lathrop (Professor and President of the American Club of Lisbon)

Professor/author living in Portugal since 2008, with experience in finance, entrepreneurship, corporate strategy. He was a visiting Professor for about 10 years at INSEAD and at Paris Dauphine University, and briefly at Católica School of Business & Economics in Lisbon. He is the author of "RENDEZ-VOUS WITH AMERICA, An Explanation of the US Election System" which explains in simple, non-partisan, terms the complicated US Presidential and Congressional election systems



José Gomes André (Professor at Universidade de Lisboa)

Ph.D in Political Philosophy at the Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon, is Invited Professor at the Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon, where he teaches courses in the areas of Political Philosophy, History of Contemporary Ideas and European Studies. He is the author of several papers on American federalism and Political Philosophy



André Freire (Professor at Iscte and Researcher at CIES-Iscte)


Organization Observatory of Democracy and Political Representation

Support PhD and Master of Political Science; PhD in International Relations; CIES-Iscte