CIES-IUL is a R&D unit of ISCTE-IUL in the area of social sciences dedicated to studying contemporary social problems from a multidisciplinary perspective. CIES-IUL’s main scientific domain is sociology, developing relevant activity in the fields of public policy, political science, communication, education, modern and contemporary history and social work.


CIES-IUL’s activity is characterised by a demanding articulation between basic research and applied research mainly directed at the design, monitoring and evaluation of public policies in various sectors and areas of intervention. The Centre’s research and scientific production, fosters diversity and the crossing of intensive and extensive approaches, aimed at deepening the analytical relationship between the study of social, political and historic macro-processes and the social, cultural and spatial micro-dynamics.


At CIES-IUL, innovative research projects are developed in the production of knowledge and in methodological rigor funded through competitive calls, as well as applied research and knowledge-transfer activities, based on consolidated scientific competencies. The Centre is involved in numerous projects promoted by national and European institutions, and in international scientific research programmes and cooperation networks.

Its team of 258 members includes 119 researchers, 65 associate researchers and 74 research assistants and their activities are organized in six research groups: I - Inequalities, Migrations and Territories; II - Knowledge Society, Competences and Communication; III - Family, Generations and Health; IV - Politics and Citizenship; V - Work, Innovation and Social Structures of the Economy and VI - Modern and Contemporary History, and two Observatories.

Research and advanced training are systematically combined at CIES-IUL, namely through the scientific and administrative coordination of 4 PhD programmes (Sociology, Public Policy, Communication Sciences and Social Work) and its association with 3 other (Urban Studies and two FCT programmes: in Communication Studies and in History: Change and Continuity in a Global World).


In the editorial field CIES-IUL publishes since 1986 the scientific journal Sociologia, Problemas e Práticas [Sociology, Problems and Practices], www.sociologiapp.iscte.pt that is indexed by several international databases such as SCOPUS, Thomson Reuters SciELO Citation Index, Scielo, Latindex, Sociological Abstracts and EBSCO Publishing. Since 2010 CIES-IUL has its own publisher, Mundos Sociais that publishes the journal and refereed social sciences’ academic books. Since its foundation in 1985, CIES-IUL has continuously developed activity in the promotion of scientific culture in different areas of the Portuguese society. 

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