Susana da Cruz Martins
Department of Political Science and Public Policy
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Susana da Cruz Martins ( PhD in Sociology (specialization in Education). Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science and Public Policy, School of Sociology and Public Policy, of the University Institute of Lisbon (ISCTE-IUL) . Gulbenkian Professorship and Researcher at the Centre for Research and Studies in Sociology (CIES-IUL). Collaborator of Inequality Observatory (OD, CIES-IUL). She has participated and coordinated several research projects, national and international, dedicated to areas of research such as education policies, comparative education systems, education and social mobility, and social classes and inequalities. Currently, through a Gulbenkian Professorship grant, she is developing the project Internationalization and development of the area of Public Education Policies and next year (2017) she will be the national coordinator of the European Project Eurostudent VI (Social and Economic Conditions of Student Life In Europe).
Research Groups
Knowledge Society, Competences and Communication

Reduzir o insucesso e o abandono escolar

Avaliação do Contributo do Portugal 2020 para a Promoção do Sucesso Educativo, Redução do Abandono Escolar Precoce e Empregabilidade dos Jovens para o Programa Operacional Capital Humano

Socioeconomic Survey of Higher Education Students in Portugal in 2017

The difference that school can make: school success in the municipality of Almada (4th and 6th year)

Social Inequalities: Portugal and Europe

Impactos da Redução do Número de Alunos/Turma

Internationalization and development of the area of Public Education Policies

40 Anos de Politicas de Ciência e Ensino Superior em Portugal

PROCLEU: Social Classes and Inequalities in Contemporary European Society

Educational Challenges in Southern Europe. Equity and efficiency in a time of crisis

Looking in to the future: effects of the crisis on the reconfiguration of income and consumption of middle class families in Portugal

A Nova Era das Desigualdades Escolares: A educação em análise pelos seus actores centrais

Study on project of “living Science” school

Educational achievement and organisational profiles. A look at external evaluation reports

Estudantes do Ensino Superior e Empréstimos com Garantia Mútua

Observatório das Desigualdades

Students and their Trajectories in Higher Education: Success and Attrition, Factors and Processes, Fostering Best Practices

Eurostudent 2005

Literacy and other Life Skills for the Knowledge Society: Profiles and Processes

Life Patterns: Profiles and Trends in Contemporary Portuguese Society.

The Modernization of Social Structures: Social Recomposition, New Values, Emerging Protagonisms

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