Media and Culture


Gustavo Cardoso
Gustavo Cardoso
José Soares Neves
José Soares Neves

Media research is focused on studying communication as a broad societal phenomenon from a sociological perspective. This approach helps to understand human behavior, social relations, and societal structures influenced by networked communication. The research has a central focus on Portuguese society while also considering contemporary European societies and Lusophone regions.
From a sociological viewpoint, culture is studied at CIES across various interconnected areas including public policies, management and mediation, access, participation and audiences, and creative and cultural work.
The group's core focus includes:
  • Communication studies, with an emphasis on network journalism, professional practices, the social dynamics of the Internet regarding disinformation, and the study of mediation culture, specifically media literacy.
  • Arts and culture, involving collaboration with the Portuguese Observatory of Cultural Activities to contribute to societal debates and the formulation of public policies in the sector.
  • Strengthening internationalization through collaborative research projects and alliances to establish CIES as a preeminent center for sociological studies in Communication and Culture.



Communication, Media, Arts and culture, Cultural and creative sectors