Mapping Out project warns of hate speech and anti-immigration mobilizations



As part of the Project Mapping Out - Portugal on the European anti-immigrant movements map, coordinated by CIES-Iscte researcher Thaís França, initiatives were held to highlight the relevance of hate speech and anti-immigration mobilizations in modern societies.


The activities held at ICS and Iscte were attended by Dr. Harpviken (PRIO, Norway) who emphasized the evolution of anti-immigration mobilizations that have taken place in countries like Norway and Portugal, highlighting the main causes and the short- and long-term impacts.


Although Portugal is a country open to diversity and has more inclusive migration policies, anti-immigration mobilizations in the country are not completely non-existent. According to Thaís França, these movements in Portugal "are in a state of latency and/or dormancy" and, although we can't predict how they might evolve, the truth is that "in a context of increasing xenophobia and hate speech, it might be risky to ignore them completely", the researcher stresses.