Science in the Holidays for Young People
July 8-12, 2024

Ciência Viva Summer Internship 2024

Desafios da Sociedade no séc. XXI

July 08-12, 2024


Today's society faces numerous challenges and opportunities. By integrating social sciences, social psychology, and digital technologies, we can contribute to creating fairer, healthier, and more inclusive societies.

From public policy to technological innovation, these fields provide dynamic solutions to modern challenges, propelling human progress. Join us to explore the changes shaping our society and how we can actively participate in this transformation. Are these challenges or opportunities?

Over one week, we will demonstrate how research can play an active role in identifying solutions. Our goal is to not only stimulate young people's scientific creativity in Sociology, International Studies, Psychology, and Digital Technologies but also to enhance their ability to work in teams and engage directly with experts in these fields.

This initiative is organized by the four research centres of Iscte - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa. We aim to bring science closer to society and showcase the daily life of a research centre, its spaces, key figures, and methodological projects.


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Center for International Studies, Centre for Research and Studies in Sociology, Centre for Psychological Research and Social Intervention and Information Sciences, Technologies and Architecture Research Centre