Negotiations of belonging in educational biographies of International Baccalaurelate graduates
Meeting | 11 July 2024


Meeting Transnationalisation and Education

Negotiations of belonging in educational biographies of International Baccalaurelate (IB)-graduates: Interpretation of biographical interview passages


The construction and negotiation of belonging could take place in transnational (educational) spaces beyond a linear migration between the country of origin and the destination country. After a discussion of the concept of belonging against the background of a critical perspective on the paradigm of methodological nationalism, passages from biographical interviews with graduates of an IB World School in the Lisbon region will be interpreted.



11 July 2024



15h30 – 17h30 (Berlin time)

14h30 – 16h30 (Lisbon time)


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In the course of processes of worldwide transformation, which can be characterised under the keywords internationalisation, transnationalisation and globalisation, wide-ranging consequences arise for national education systems and segments and other non-formal and informal fields of education. This is related to educational policies and institutions, but also individual actors within these institutions who are embedded in cross-border contexts.


The main aim of the meetings of the research network is an interdisciplinary and international exchange on topics, questions and research perspectives in the field of transnationalisation and education. The workshops are organised in an open format in which research projects and results can be presented, theoretical and/or methodological problems can be discussed and empirical material can be interpreted in a group. 


All persons interested in these topics are invited to participate in these meetings, in addition to the members of the research network. They will take place online and will be in English. We invite also anyone who would like to present and discuss their project to make a proposal.