Historical Dynamics and Global Integration of the World

Group of researchers whose research areas cover a wide range of fields in Modern and Contemporary History, from the more traditional domains of political and economic history to innovative areas such as urban history, the history of crime, and the history of science and energy.

Despite its thematic diversity, the research developed by this Group is characterized by a transnational perspective and by the topicality of the issues analyzed. The different historical dynamics are thus investigated and put into perspective in the more global process of economic, social, political and cultural integration that characterized the emergence of the contemporary world.


Luís Miguel Carolino
Luís Miguel Carolino


Maria João Vaz
Maria João Vaz



Alliance of six Iscte research centers working in social sciences and digital technologies with relevance to public policy.
Portuguese academic journal in the scientific area of History, mainly dedicated to the history of Portugal, the Portuguese Empire and the Lusophone countries, in the modern and contemporary periods. It publishes in Portuguese, English, Spanish and French.
Brings together researchers from different national and foreign institutions to disseminate recent research on cities and empires in modern and contemporary times, as well as related themes.
Presentation of ongoing projects developed by Portuguese and foreign historians from various universities, specialties and generations. This cycle of seminars will allow us to get to know the current trends of research in Modern History.


History of Science and Technology;
History of the Environment and Sustainability;
History of the City, Tourism and Cultural Heritage;
Social Dynamics, Politics and Citizenship.