APA Award 2018/2019 "Margot Dias and Benjamim Pereira" given to Otávio Raposo
CIES-IUL researcher wins the category of Ethnographic Film with documentary "Na Quinta com Kally".


CIES-IUL is proud to announce the award of the APA 2018/2019 Prize "Margot Dias e Benjamim Pereira" (Anthropology of Image and Sound) to the researcher Otávio Raposo in Category I - Ethnographic Film.


The winning documentary "Na Quinta com Kally" brings together a year of research and filming at Quinta do Mocho in Sacavém (Loures), which has become the largest open-air urban art gallery in Europe, with over 100 paintings on the façades of the buildings. The researcher accompanied the guides Emanuela Kalemba and Kally Meru on their visits to the neighbourhood where they present the artists, the techniques used, the graffiti route and the Quinta do Mocho community itself.


The film was shown on February 22nd during the Annual Conference "Raúl Iturra/APA" and is a candidate to the Indie Lisbon Festival.