Migration, Mobility and Ethnicity


Raquel Matias
Ana Raquel Matias
Cláudia Pereira
Cláudia Pereira

The Migration, Mobility and Ethnicity Research Group aims to enrich the discussion and expand research on public policies, particularly in the areas of migration policies and ethnicity.

The group's work is crucial in promoting well-informed and inclusive societies by bridging research, policy, and practice. The group specifically focuses on:


  • Engaging in international research and establishing networks centered on migration, mobility, and ethnicity to promote global collaboration and knowledge exchange.
  • Developing and evaluating perspectives on public policies related to migration and integration, while integrating digital technologies within diverse research teams, such as those at the SocioDigital Lab and the Emigration Observatory.
  • Implementing research-action initiatives that have a tangible impact on educational institutions and civil society, involving public, private, and third sectors to drive meaningful change.



Migration; Refugee population; Migration policies; Urban studies.
alliance of six Iscte research centers working in social sciences and digital technologies with relevance to public policy.
partnership led by CIES-Iscte involving three other institutions: CEG and Socius of the University of Lisbon, and Instituto de Sociologia of Universidade do Porto
platform for communication and cooperation between more than 380 researchers from various institutions and disciplinary areas from 19 countries, who carry out research on migration in the five continents
Europe's largest interdisciplinary network in the area of migration and integration, with 61 research centers and more than a thousand researchers