Education and Science


Patrícia Ávila
Patrícia Ávila
Susana da Cruz Martins
Susana da Cruz Martins

The research group focuses on two fundamental areas of research: Education and Science. It researches the relationship between knowledge and society, covering a plurality of interdisciplinary issues, including educational processes, inequalities, educational pathways and digital transformations, to provide substantial knowledge on education and science and promote innovation and social progress.
Given the important role of these themes in contemporary societies, the research focuses on both fundamental and applied modalities, with particular attention to the fields of action and intervention, institutional frameworks, the various actors involved, as well as the policies and debates on these themes.


To foster synergies between topics, this research group focuses on the following:


  • Methodological approaches that combine fundamental and applied methods, with a particular focus on action and intervention fields, institutional frameworks, stakeholder involvement, and education-related policies and debates;
  • Prioritizing diverse research projects with international, transnational, national, and local scopes;
  • Cultivating interdisciplinary and inter-institutional networks and partnerships to amplify the impact and broaden the reach of our research.



Education and schooling processes; Literacy and Skills; Science, technology and society; Education, science, and digital transformations.