A podcast to reflect on Online Hate Speech


On the International Day to Combat Hate Speech (June 18), the kNOwHATE project launched the podcast "Cutting the evil at the root". Divided into four episodes, this initiative aims to give voice to different perspectives and experiences with a common goal: to understand online hate speech in Portuguese in order to combat it. 





EP 1 - Boundaries of expression

The first episode features Rita Guerra (CIS-Iscte researcher, project coordinator), Péricles Pina (Jurist, Former Coordinator of the Support Office for the Commission for Equality and Against Racial Discrimination) and Paula Cardoso (Journalist, Founder of Afrolink). The interviewer is journalist and actress Cláudia Semedo.





EP 2 - The Different Faces of Hate

The second episode looks at the different aspects of hate speech through a discussion with Paula Carvalho (Inesc-ID researcher and member of the kNOwHATE team) and Amanda Lima (Journalist and Editor of Diário de Notícias Brazil).




EP 3. Are the far right and hate speech friends?

This episode focuses on how the far right and hate speech are related. The episode featured Ricardo Cabral (Journalist and far-right specialist) and Ackssana Rodrigues da Silva (Sociologist, elected member of the Amadora Municipal Assembly). As in previous episodes, the discussion is led by journalist Cláudia Semedo.




EP 4. Cutting the evil at its root, but how?

The latest episode of the kNOwHATE Podcast features Cláudia Silva (ITI-LARSyS Researcher and member of the kNOwHATE team) and Vanessa Lopes (Journalist, President of the RIZOMA Association). This session, led by Cláudia Semedo, will discuss strategies and tools to combat hate speech online.



Technical Production: Sake Multimédia



The kNOwHATE project (kNOwing online HATE speech: knowledge + awareness = TacklingHate) is a consortium funded by the European Union (CERV-2021-EQUAL 101049306) made up of four Iscte research units (BRU, CIS, CIES and ISTAR), the Interactive Technologies Institute (LARSyS, Instituto Superior Técnico), INESC-ID Lisboa, Casa do Brasil de Lisboa, the Commission for Equality and Against Racial Discrimination, the ILGA Portugal Association, and SOS Racismo. It is coordinated by researcher Rita Guerra (CIS-Iscte).