Inequality, Work and Social Well-Being


Renato Miguel do Carmo
Renato Miguel do Carmo
Rosario Mauritti
Rosário Mauritti

The Inequality, Work and Social Welfare Research Group aims to contribute to the production of knowledge on the conditions of life and well-being in complex societies, crossed by diverse processes of social change.

A key focus of the group’s work is the use of a wide range of theoretical and methodological approaches, focusing on trends in social inequality, class restructuring and the reconfiguration of employment and working conditions.


The group’s research endeavours encompass the following domains:


  • Delving into the role of the state, institutions, and the impact of public policies across diverse sectors and territories;
  • Rigorous assessment of public policies aimed at fostering social inclusion and empowerment;
  • Operation of the Inequality Observatory, which seeks to provide precise, multidimensional information on inequalities from a citizenship perspective, thus contributing to the development and evaluation of public policies.



Inequality and social classes; Poverty and social exclusion; Work, employment, economy; Territories, Welfare and social policies.
alliance of six Iscte research centers working in social sciences and digital technologies with relevance to public policy.
Collaborative Laboratory for Labour, Employment and Social Protection.