Call for Papers | Political Participation: Different forms and perspectives
Deadline: 15 october 2018

Call for Papers


There is a growing interest in the issue of political participation, especially in the search for theoretical and methodological sophistication in the face of the expansion of different forms of participation, such as protests, electronic forms and institutional participation, embodied in participatory budget programs, committees and conferences, among others. Organized under the Brazil / Portugal Cooperation Project (Capes / FCT), the seminar aims to bring together students, professors and researchers interested in the topic of political participation. Beside a keynote lecture and two round tables and there will be two working groups with a focus on the following themes:


WG1: "Institutional Participation": this working group focuses on different forms of electoral participation, on the one hand, and on the ways and experiences of civil society participation in institutional politics, on the other. It discusses conditions, models and characteristics of political participation in several countries, addressing theoretical concepts and empirical cases.

WG2: "Forms and Innovations in Political Participation": this working group focusses on studies on social movements, recent forms of mobilization and protest, including electronic or virtual participation. The group is interested, for example, in tension between different forms of political participation as well as in the discussion on conceptual and methodological approaches to study them.

Please send your abstract of about 300 to 400 words until 15 of October, 2018, to:
Britta Baumgarten
Lígia Lüchmann

We accept papers in English, Portuguese and Spanish.


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